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Tuesday, 12 February 2008 13:27

Our Mission Statement

The Fraggers are mature gamers that enjoy online gaming with our friends.  We are not restricted to only one game and try to apply our values in any game we play.

The Fraggers Hall is our community and is all about fun and fair play.  We are proud of our clan and do not tolerate abuse of one player by another. We believe in sportsmanship and fair play.

Our mission is to:

    1. Have FUN.
    2. Make friends.
    3. Maintain an environment in which to create friends of each other and all who visit our server.


 Becoming a Member of the Fraggers Hall

The nature of this clan requires that prospective members become acquainted with the existing members. The best way to become acquainted is to play on our servers and let us get to know you. You are invited to join us on our forums and correspond with our players. Your proficiency at playing is not an issue, however your attitude, personality and how you deal with others is of primary concern to us. Currently as we prefer to keep our numbers small we are not actively recruiting. However if a player comes along of very high caliber in both attitude and gameplay, they could be considered for membership.

If you are abusive, arrogant, disruptive, or have trouble following directions you need not bother applying. You will not be accepted.

Prospective members must have a current Fraggers member sponsor them. That member will request of the Council that they be considered for membership.

Once a request for membership is submitted, the Council members will then attempt to get to know the prospective member before a vote will be made.

If you receive 3 votes for your acceptance you will become a member.

As a new member in the tribe you are watched for your on-line character and following the laws of the tribe for 60 days.


Laws of the Tribe (The Code of the Fraggers)


                                    All members of this tribe will conduct themselves responsibly and in a manner that does not diminish others view of this Tribe or its members. All members will display the tag as {FRG} while playing and wishing to be recognized as a Fragger. All members of this tribe will be held accountable for their behavior while displaying our tag before their callsigns.

            Do your best for your team.

    Fraggers shall respect their fellow members and help those who are new to the game.

    Fraggers will NOT kick other Fraggers.

    Avoid public arguments and submit grievances to the Council.

Standard Courtesy during Matches

    Always help the underdog team and try to set a good example.

    Fraggers should respect their teams defenses and repair damage when found.

    A Fragger will NOT Teamkill.

Members Responsibilities

    Report violations of these rules by Fraggers to the Council mailing list so that they may be investigated

    Welcome visitors to our servers and ask those who do not follow our rules to do so.

    Be an example of the True Fraggers Warrior in your actions and deeds.

    Share your skills through training of less experienced or skilled members of our Tribe.

Administrators - Server Rules

    The following are reasons to KICK someone from our Servers:

      Overuse of offensive language.

      Spamming – Repeated use of voice and text messages to the extreme of disrupting communications.

      Verbal Player abuse or malicious name-calling.

      Team Killing or Interference that does not allow a team member to aid the team.

      Any other behavior that is disruptive to fun gameplay – discretion of the admin.

    The offending player will be warned 1 time by the Admin and asked to stop whichever of the above offenses they are doing. After the first warning if the offense is repeated, or the offender responds with belligerence or insults, the offending player may be KICKED immediately. In the case where the offender is severely disrupting play, the Admin may place them into observe without warning to get their attention.

    Admins will not BAN Players. This is reserved for Super-Admins and Server Operations Managers.

Any deviation from the Laws of the Tribe (The Code of the Fraggers ), without a confirmed and valid reason will be grounds for immediate removal from the Fraggers through due process via the Fraggers Council.


The Fraggers Council

The Fraggers Council is the disciplinary and recruiting body of the Fraggers.

As a member of the Council a member's duty is to be impartial and fair in all respects to the issues brought before it.

Council members shall hold the Laws and Codes of the Tribe above personal friendships and/or issues.

Council members should ask to be excused prior to any hearing that may present the impression of a conflict of interest on their part.

The Decisions handed down by the Council regarding disciplinary actions will be final and can not be appealed.

All issues brought to the Council will remain confidential between Council members and any involved clan members.

A Council member can only be removed from the Council by a 3/4 majority vote of their fellow Clan Members.

The Councils primary role will be deciding disciplinary and recruiting issues.



You can leave our Tribe at any time by submitting your resignation to the council.




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